Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Revolving Line of Credit (Details)

Revolving Line of Credit (Details) - USD ($)
9 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2017
Aug. 02, 2017
Sep. 30, 2018
CNB Note [Member]      
Revolving Line of Credit (Textual)      
Aggregate principal amount   $ 2,000,000  
Maturity date   Aug. 02, 2018  
CNB Note maturity date, description   The note evidences a revolving line of credit with advances that may be requested by the Company until the maturity date of August 2, 2019.  
Percentage of interest bears variable rate   0.25%  
Monthly payment, description   The Company will pay to CNB a late charge of 5.0% of any monthly payment not received by Lender within 10 calendar days after its due date. The Company may prepay the note at any time without penalty.  
Line of credit drawn     $ 1,900,000
Accrued interest     $ 5,558
Variable rate percentage   1.00%  
Percentage of late charges   5.00%  
Minimum average annual balance   $ 600,000  
Additional interest rate on fee   2.00%  
Line of credit increase over the balance $ 900,000    
Security Agreement [Member]      
Revolving Line of Credit (Textual)      
Minimum average annual balance   $ 90,000  
Mr. Nussbaum [Member] | CNB Note [Member]      
Revolving Line of Credit (Textual)      
Revolving line of credit, description   The CNB Note is personally guaranteed by Mr. Nussbaum, the Company's Chief Executive Officer pursuant to written guarantee in favor of CNB (the "CNB Guarantee"). Mr. Nussbaum and the Company are obligated to maintain an unencumbered liquidity of no less than $6,000,000 in the form of cash, repurchase agreements, certificates of deposit or marketable securities acceptable to CNB.