Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Shareholders' Equity

Shareholders' Equity
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2018
Shareholders' Equity [Abstract]  


On August 3, 2017, the Company entered into an amendment to the August 24, 2014 Independent Contractor Agreements it entered into with Dr. Philip Frost and Steven Rubin who serve as members of the Company’s Strategic Advisory Board (the “SAB Amendments”). The SAB Amendments extend the term of the agreements from May 1, 2017 until April 30, 2018 and provide for the following equity based compensation: (a) for Dr. Frost, a warrant to purchase 2,000,000 shares of the Company’s Common Stock (the “Frost Warrant”) and an award of 150,000 shares of the Company’s unregistered restricted Common Stock and (b) for Mr. Rubin, an award of 100,000 shares of the Company’s unregistered restricted Common Stock. The restricted stock vests upon the occurrence of a change of control (as defined in the SAB Amendments). The Warrant has a term of five years and exercise price of $1.00 per share subject to proportional adjustment in the event of stock splits, stock dividends and similar corporate events. The Company recognized $22,500 expense for the pro rata portion of shares earned by the two members during the nine months ended September 30, 2018, amortizing the expense over the 12 months of the service agreement regardless of the vesting condition.


In September 2016, the Company issued 1,349,000 shares of restricted common stock outside of the 2015 Equity Plan to Jay Nussbaum, Felicia Hess, Daniyel Erdberg, Kendall Carpenter, Mike Silverman and Reginald Brown pursuant to Stock Award Agreements. The shares will vest upon consummation of a significant equity and/or debt financing of at least $5,000,000 provided that the holder remains engaged by the Company through the vesting date. On August 3, 2017, these awards were modified so that the restrictions set forth in the RSA lapse upon the earlier of (i) consummation of a significant equity and/or debt financing from which the Company receives gross proceeds of at least $7,000,000 or (ii) a change in control (as defined in the RSA Amendment), provided that, in either case, the holder remains engaged by the Company through the date of such event. The Company does not believe the modified vesting conditions are probable of being achieved, and as such, no stock-based compensation expense has been recorded. The Company will reassess whether achievement of the vesting conditions is probable at each reporting date. If it is probable, stock-based compensation will be recognized. 


On March 28, 2017, these awards were modified in recognition of the Company securing a substantial sales order and recent business development activity and vested on that date. On that date, the awards were determined to be probable for vesting and stock-based compensation was recognized based on the fair market value of the stock on March 28, 2017. The Company recorded $944,300 in stock-based compensation for these awards during the nine months ended September 30, 2018.  


On August 28, 2018, the Company filed with the Nevada Secretary of State of a Certificate of Withdrawal to withdraw the Certificates of Designations of the Company’s previously designated Convertible Preferred Stock, Series A, B, B-1, C, D, E, F, G as no shares of these series of preferred stock are issued or outstanding.